Private Tarot Readings

I charge the same amount for private tarot readings as I do for parties (see the section above this one). If youíre interested in scheduling a private tarot reading, email me here.


Forms of payment for distance readings include:




 American Express




Tarot Readings by John

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What is a tarot party?

A tarot party is an appointment that you make for me to come to your home and read a number of people at once.


I have read at holiday parties, birthday parties, and wedding showers, but there are so many more occasions where a tarot party would really turn any occasion into an event to remember.


For tarot parties, I charge $75 for the first hour and $60 for each additional hour. I can design a party layout to handle most budgets. For many locations in Northern Virginia, there will be no additional charge for travel, but each request is handled on a case-by-case basis.† If you live elsewhere, I will provide you a quotation with my travel expenses figured in so you have a more complete picture of what you would be spending.

If youíre interested in scheduling a party, email me here.



Email or call 703-829-3273 for additional information or questions!

Tarot Parties & Private Tarot Readings